20120614 Malawi's Shoddy Phone Directory Lilongwe, Malawi

To any international development field workers that might come across this post whilst googling for 'CONGOMA' or Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi, their (working) contact number at the moment is 01 917 800. DON'T PANIC if the other numbers don't work. Having failed with the number from the 2010 Malawi Telephone Telefax and Yellow pages Directory (produced by MTL: Malawi Telecommunications Limited) I tried everything from googling 'Congoma contact' to 'and 'Voice Mhone +265' (Mr. Mhone is the chairman) 'Billy Mayaya 099' (Another member and a well known human rights activist, and 099 as you will very well know indicates an airtel number) and asked every local staff in our office for help, and still it took me some time to strike gold. From what I got out of Mary, our intern, there has been a major systematic change in 2011 December, so many of the numbers on the 2010 Directory are not valid. Well, I'll be asking Gerald to procure a new one from MTL pretty soon.

이라고 해봤자 아무도 안 읽을 것 같지만. 
CONGOMA의 진짜 번호는 +265 (0) 1 917 880이라구요.
나처럼 고생하지 말라고 올리는 포스팅.

피곤해요 ㅇ<-<

덕분에 말라위 인권활동가 이름이나 하나 외웠구만요 ...... 아이고 내 어깨 .......


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